Welcome to ASTRON Electronic GmbH


Typical orders are:

  • individual pieces and micro-batches
  • small batches for engineering
  • evaluation models for development
  • prototypes for standards laboratory
  • demonstration samples for marketing
  • periodic individual pieces


Therefore our customers love us:

  • individual pieces and micro-batch production
  • from the first piece on automatic assembly
  • rapid response
  • short lead time
  • from your request until delivery one contact person for you

These technologies make this possible:

  • SMT, THT and mixed technologies
  • component placement on both sides of the pcb
  • employees trained to IPC standards by in-house IPC-trainer
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) placement and solder
  • “CAD converter” for every pick&place file
  • manual and/or automated optical inspection, functional testing
  • unit or sub-assembly or complete final product assembly


business holiday

Our company will be closed from the 25th July to the 5th August 2016.